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Student Health Services

Nurse with student at Colonial Middle SchoolStudent Health Services consists of a team of certified school nurses, as well as staff nurses and health secretaries who work under the direction of the certified school nurses.

Their duties include:

  • Assessing individual student health and developmental status
  • Conducting state mandated physicals and screenings (e.g., height, weight, vision, hearing, body mass index and scoliosis)
  • Assuring that necessary physical and dental examinations are completed
  • Developing health plans for students with health conditions
  • Coordinating prevention and control of communicable diseases
  • Developing a system of first aid and emergency care
  • Participating in health education
  • Recommending new and updated health policies
Colonial School District Student Health Services supports all of the District schools, as well as many private and parochial schools located in the District boundaries.

The Role of School Nurses in the Colonial School District

Certified School Nurses (CSN) are responsible for the state mandated health services in the Colonial School District schools. They are registered nurses with baccalaureate degrees and additional educational requirements. They are certified by the Department of Education and have extensive backgrounds in school health, health education, counseling and the use of community resources.

In addition to state mandated responsibilities, the School Nurse is actively involved in Child Study Teams, Student Assistant Teams, crisis intervention and assisting students to recognize and address a variety of health problems.

School Nurse Contact Information

Click on the nurse's name to send an email.

Conshohocken Elementary

Megan Blunt
Christy Sfida
610-828-0362, ext. 5002

Plymouth Elementary

Megan Blunt
Joyce Janiszewski
610-825-8190, ext. 6002

Ridge Park Elementary

Megan Blunt
Joyce Janiszewski
610-825-1083, ext. 4002

Whitemarsh Elementary

Charlene Koretz
Melissa Krosky
610-828-9092, ext. 3002

Colonial Elementary

Charlene Koretz
Melissa Krosky
610-941-0426, ext. 2218

Colonial Middle School

Amy Horwath
610-275-5100, ext. 7917

Angelica Moses
610-275-5100, ext. 7915

Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

Jennifer Sexton
Karen Krenicky
610-825-1500, ext. 1930

Non-Public Schools

Lillian Santiago